21 March 2008

Counting down

It's Good Friday which makes it T-6 until the first serious canal cruise of the year. Or T-7 or 8 depending on what the weather's doing. Call me a fairweather boater but in the winds and rain I'd much prefer to be hunkering down by the old Squirrel (for non-boaters, don't worry, this is not some form of deviance, just a preference for a solid fuel stove with the picture of a squirrel on the side.) Indications are that things will ease up after Easter so come Thursday we should be able to join the M1...oh sorry, the Llangollen canal (easy mistake to make), and head in the opposite direction to everyone else. I have been known to change my mind vis a vis destination at the very last minute but I think I'm more or less settled this time on going to Manchester and beyond - not quite to Liverpoool but as far as you can get without requiring the assistance of BW. It always worries me when BW have to assist you - what's so bad that you can't go it alone?

We'll be able to chalk up another spot in the I-Spy book of waterways wonders, the Barton Swing Aqueduct, as well as pay our respects at the spiritual home of British canals, Worsley. Other than that, I know not what awaits us - we've been as far as Waters Meeting previously but beyond is an area of which I have little knoweldge, which always brings a little extra adventure and excitement to the proceedings.

Until then, we'll enjoy Easter in the marina while the hordes compete for 'best wet weather gear combo'. We've been invited for Easter lunch this Sunday, then a couple more days of serious-ish work (the joys of freelancing!) before we can go and get ourselves entangled in the yellow and orange safety mesh at Hurleston locks. The yellow variant is a recent addition to the long-standing orange variety, creating a mild psychedelic effect if you spin round ten times at the top like - preferably away from the edge.

Then we'll be away up the Middlewich Arm, up the top part (and best part) of the Trent & Mersey, onto the Bridgewater and then presumably we end up on the Leeds & Liverpool - yes, you're right, I haven't looked at the map yet. I'll be posting snippets of our trip and some pics so feel free to tag along for the ride.

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