22 March 2008

Pillow talk

It's obviously a bit of an indictment on my previous pillow buying that when I got back to the boat yesterday with two new packs of pillows, I expected there to be a pair within each pack. I'm so cheap. But instead of two rather scrawny pillows I discovered one big plump version instead. That's where buying quality gets you - having to endure another trip into traffic-stuffed Crewe to get another pair. We'd improvised last night using one of the old lumpy ones underneath the new one but it wasn't overly satisfactory. I have taken the precaution this time of buying pillow liners to prevent the feathers getting everywhere....which is what happened the second to last time, driving us into the world of the non-down, synthetic pillow. Never again.

New pillows is part of a broader strategy to make the bed more comfortable. We've already done the mattress topper for our backs and bums; now we've improved things for our heads and shoulders; but I have a horrible feeling that the fundamental problem is that the bed is a) too small and/or b) on a wooden base that doesn't give much 'bounce' to the mattress. We have the usual in-line fixed double at the back and so I'm now contemplating some alternatives - a slatted base underneath the mattress is one thought but the most exciting proposition would appear to be the cross bed. I love my husband very much but an extra foot or two between us would be a boon for marital harmony. I'd be keen to hear from anyone with practical experience of this set-up or indeed any other suggestions. What about mattresses? Ours is an open spring version - is there a better sort?

A cross bed is just one of the things on my list of future alterations. It's only now after a few years gentle acquaintance with the old girl that we're coming to realise what we'd like to change about her - we can't imagine having another boat as we've become very attached to her and know her little foibles - so we have a running alterations list instead. In no particular order, it features granite worktops, wooden floors throughout, a cratch table, a different dinette and the aforementioned cross-bed. This is all in preparation for that great red letter day when we will be continuous cruisers - some years away yet but half the fun is in the planning. Affording it all is another matter....

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Anj P said...

Hi - just found your site so came across the bed post.
We too have a in line bed 4ft wide, but ours is at a height that enabled a flap to be placed on the front with a piano hinge and 3 drop down legs. This extends the bed to just under super kingsized. I have used Ikea foam matteress and the extra insert helps the bed become a usable day area (giant settee) during the day. The dog loves it!!