26 March 2008

The holiday mood has forsaken me

Actually, I'm not sure I was ever in a holiday mood so to say it has forsaken me is not strictly accurate. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm feeling like death courtesy of a head cold which is soon to go south to my old chesticals - I can feel the wracking coughs tuning up to give me another disturbed night.

As if that wasn't enough, the weather forecast is completely pants for the next few days, which means there'll be squabbling. "Let's not move, it's horrid" will wrangle with "We're on holiday, get your coat, we're moving." There is a tiny temptation lurking somewhere in the deepest, darkest depths of naughty land that says cancel and come back in May. Why not? It's our boat, we can do what we please. But what an ignominious retreat to beat....

Besides, I'm looking forward to the Leigh branch of the L&L. Yes, I've looked it up properly now and it appears that at some indistinct spot mid-channel, the Bridgewater ceases to be and becomes the Leigh branch instead - and vicky verky of course. Whether there's some more obvious marker in situ trumpeting the transition, I will have to find out and report back....hopefully this trip, if our lily-liveredness doesn't get the better of us.

I'm told that there's plenty of deep water which will give us a chance to see just what the old girl can do, post-engine tinker. This is not for the hell of speeding you understand but to gauge just how much oomph she's got. We'd like to do some tidal stuff at some point - you can't be a chicken all your life - and we're not yet convinced that she's got what it takes. Pre-engine tinker, certainly, we got left for dead on the run up to Sawley Locks and she really seemed to be lacking a few horsepower. Post-tinker, we've only been on the canals and while I secretly opened her up on the Shroppie when no-one was looking - she bombed along and NO WASH, thank you - I think a few more trials are needed just to be sure. Something else to tell you about if I remember.

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