10 April 2009

Easter plans

If all goes to plan, tomorrow we'll complete the full length of the navigable Weaver in one go. We'll turn in the flash and with a fair wind, we'll hopefully get up to Weston Point, enabling A to finally enjoy what I had a foretaste of in his absence last weekend. We'll then backtrack, probably as far as Dutton, leaving us well placed to go and retrieve the car from Barnton on Sunday morning. We'll need that to get to our lunch date on Sunday and we'll probably take the dogs with us - a Dutton to Barnton trek should seem them pooped for most of the afternoon so it should all work out rather well. We'll probably stay on the Weaver until Thursday, as we really do love the peace and solitude down here - I know that we'll take our leave with heavy hearts but we'll certainly be back.

As for the Easter Sunday lunch, I shall be celebrating the end of my diet with the biggest scoff-out that I can possibly manage. Not edifying I know, but boy have I been hungry and I think I deserve a little treat...And on Monday, the hard work of keeping the coal sack off begins...

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Anonymous said...

The Weaver looks magical and how nice to have a waterway to yourself. It's been very quiet over the bank holiday - even on the Thames.