15 April 2009


Today has been a bit curate's eggy. We awoke to the sound of rain on the roof so promptly pulled the duvet back over our heads, only finally emerging when our need for tea outdid our need for sleep. I was struck once again by the barometric sensor that seems to exist within our dogs, which has them quiescent for ages whenever it's a damp and miserable morning, but squeaking and sticking their noses in my face from 6am when it's fine and sunny. Who needs seaweed or BBC Weather? Just look at Susie - is there any sign of a raised eyelid or not? Is her bum still in her blanket?

Thankfully the rain cleared away by about 10.30am, and the arrival of a boat below Dutton was our signal to get going and save the lockie the trouble of penning us through separately. We took it slowly to Saltersford so that we'd time our arrival for the end of the lunch break, but lost our companion en route who was seduced by the two for one offer on at the Riverside pub. A meanwhile was seduced by the Spam that I'd bought for the dogs. Why did I bother getting Sainsbugs' Taste the Difference Wiltshire Cured Ham for his sarnies when all he wants is bloody Spam? And the dogs' corned beef looks as though it's been tampered with too...

We moored up for the last time in Barnton Cut and I made arrangements with helpful local cabbies, Twinz Travel, to pick me up in Nantwich later in the afternoon. I then recovered the car from Barnton and drove it to Nantwich in readiness for Saturday's return home, eventually meeting up with the lovely Kev from TT; he drove me back to the boat while demonstrating that it was indeed possible to talk incessantly for 55 minutes without pausing for breath or having your passenger leg it at the lights just for some much needed respite.

Tomorrow we're due to leave the Weaver and it'll be with heavy hearts I'm sure. It could be a couple of years before we're back but back we will be, if they'll have us. Thanks for a great time, RWN - we'll miss you.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Isn't Spam a bit salty for the pooches?

I only ask 'cos I like it, but Sheila doesn't often let me have it (the *Spam*, sigh) because I'm not allowed too much NaCl in the diet.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Where are you off to next? You're doing a great job of scouting out greyhound-friendly moorings for when we follow your trail later on. That's the one downside of continuous cruising - having to leave places you love. Of course, the fun of it is that you might that you love the next spot even more :-)

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Bruce, they even get the Spam with Bacon deluxe version, just to make matters worse...you can see why the other half tries to filch it...

Sue, we're having to temporarily return to base and then it's off again on our own mini-odyssey at the end of May. Can't wait. But read the latest post for another dog rummage tip!