06 April 2009

Upside down world

I shouldn't laugh but this evening I had a call from my absent crew who is 'languishing' at home. I use the word advisedly because a) the broadband's gone phut, b) there's no water as someone's gone through a main down the road and c) there's no heating due to b). I, on the other hand, have hi-speed internet access via my T-Mobile dongle, lovely hot water thanks to the engine and a warm toasty interior courtesy of the Squirrel. Houses? Who needs 'em? Apparently, he's about to put half his worldly goods on eBay in a fit of pique...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of solitary boating. I'm very impressed that you've done a lock and a moving bridge by yourself.
ps. Our copy of the latest RGT newsletter had a thin girly with a greyhound on the cover - "Ah it's Greygal" I thought, but it was only Twiggy - how disappointing!