21 September 2008

Coffee, claws and cancelled canal cruises

Okay, okay, I’ve been very slack of late. But I’m blaming work and a missing muse. To be honest, I’m getting a bit peed off as everyone’s either cruising or planning a cruise. For someone who’s had to can their autumn sojourn on the cut, that’s all a bit galling – especially as we’re having some cracking weather at the moment. I could have been tootling down the Stratford catching up with Contented Souls but I’m stuck here wondering whether you’ll believe me if I tell you that Monty ripped his dew claw on Friday – yes, really, a week to the day since Susie and Miffy did theirs. I’m amazed I haven’t had a visit from the RSPCA as the vets are definitely looking at me queer – or maybe it’s because I come in covered in blood. Note to self: look in mirror and wash hands before taking injured pet for treatment.

The one bright spot is next weekend when we’re planning to head up to the Peak District and rendezvous with the Holloways of Snecklifter fame. It’ll be wonderful to catch up with Liz and Mike – especially if there’s some date and walnut on offer. I’ve also made the executive decision to take the last week of November off and do the bit of the Llangollen that’s open – some compensation for cancelling September’s cruise because of my new client. Well, I didn’t think it was very fair to take his money and then bugger off for a fortnight.

Oh and staying at home does have some compensations as I get to play with my new coffee grinder and new coffee beans. Sadly A has not yet sanctioned the purchase of the Rolls Royce of coffees, the Jamaican Blue Mountain, coming in at a cute £43 per 500g bag. But there are plenty of other choices, all roasted and sent out the same day by the Roast and Post Coffee Company. I’ve been dabbling with Celebes Kalossi Taraja, which sounds like something you could get arrested for, but actually it’s a medium roast, rich and full bodied coffee. I have to say that it wasn’t what I expected, that is, it didn’t match up to my idea of rich and full bodied. I think I’ll have to go for a darker roast and there are some new fairly Satanic looking additions to the coffee list on the company’s website. Who’s up for a Guatemalan Huehuetenango? It’s all a far cry from those Mellow Birds days....

P.S. Hurrah, Mafeking is relieved. Cinders, you won’t go to the ball! Yes, I wangled my way out of that awards ceremony so the frock’s gone back in the box. The diet was ditched instantly...

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