12 September 2008

Dog update

Ranger has become a PAT dog. No, not Pets as Therapy, Pets as Thieves. He’s been made honorary chair...no doubt he’ll steal that as well.

Arthur’s little paw is nearly healed although he does occasionally start hopping to try and garner extra sympathy and chicken bits.

Miffy had a little in-her-basket mishap last night, the first time in ages. Apparently, spayed females can develop incontinence through a looseness in their essentials – it can be tightened up with medication, so every so often we have to get the ‘piss syrup’ out of the cupboard.  

Susie has been keeping a low profile this week, although this afternoon’s tiptoeing up to my banana bread and attempted illicit lickage was not appreciated.

Monty is just Monty. He found some rabbit entrails in the churchyard so we played tug of war as I tried to keep him away from the crunchy bits. Then he found some pigeon feathers, his favourite, and I stopped him scoffing those too. I’m such a killjoy in his eyes.

If we get the time, they’re all being measured for their winter wear this weekend. The jury’s still out on full-on PJs – maybe just fleecy coats for now. We don’t want those Caxton boys turning up making fun. 

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Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

As spayed female myself I will know where to come if I start having those little nightime mishaps