05 September 2008

Service interruption

We're sorry to report that this blog is experiencing some disruption to normal service due to circumstances beyond our control. We are reliably informed that Greygal is finally having to pull her finger out and actually do some work, which is restricting the time available for writing and reading blogs. However, we are pleased to confirm that she is now happily ensconced in a long, thin place with a Squirrel throwing out a steady 85 degree heat. Who would have thought that a small woodland creature could burn so well? And are his nuts combustible?


Bruce in Sanity said...

and what is Greygal on?

and can I have some?




Lesley and Joe K said...

A rodent roast!
I suppose a hog roast would have been little greedy for two but at least the dogs could have joined the party - not much left over from a squirrel though, unless it was the nuts you mentioned?
NB Caxton

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Everyone's a comedian! Meanwhile I'm melting....