04 February 2009

Teeny trip

We've been static for a fortnight so cue another gallivant. Just a small one this time, to Thetford Forest in the van for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will allow us to get some walking and geocaching in and if it doesn't, I've got my new toy to play with. Encouraged by 'Sanity' Bruce and Sheila's positive experiences of the Sony eReader, I've treated myself to one as part of my on-going streamlining process (having fewer bits and pieces about me although the greatest streamlining effect is currently on my bank balance). I've been surfing the US ebook malls for cheap potboilers and have loaded up the beast with a right load of old tat - great for a wet Saturday though. I must just be careful not to leave the eReader around like I do my paperbacks, otherwise I might find its silvery gorgeousness colonised by Ranger's bum.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But at least Ranger won't be able to shred the pages to confetti which is Lou's favourite trick!