26 February 2009


If anyone's got RN or MN experience, could they tell me what flag to run up the mast to indicate rampant dog sickness? I take a trip to London today only for it to emerge by late morning that I have inadvertently left A holding the vomiting baby in the shape of a very sickly/poopy Monty (who has never, ever been ill). Then within minutes of getting home tonight, Susie decides to get in on the act with a bit of reflux action of her own. I fear a restless night coming on. Ranger, on the other hand, has demolished about three dinners, is fighting fit and delighted that his mummy is home at last after a trip to the smoke. So delighted, in fact, that he decided to brand me by pushing me back on the stove - I guess I'm his property now.

Oh and a word on the trip. All that way for a lunch of bream (and I walked from Euston to Smithfield)...I expended more calories digging the flesh out of the bloody bones and peeing about with the skin than I actually consumed. Steak next time, methinks. And another thing while I'm at it...is it me or do Virgin trains make you queasy? Can't say that was the most pleasant return journey I've ever made. Or maybe I've got the dog bug and will shortly be jostling for position at the sick bucket?

Tune in next time, folks, to see who's still standing.


Anonymous said...

Virgin trains do make you queasy - it's the whole tilting thing. If it make you sick when you're on the train it's even worse when you see them leaning over the canal on the approach to Buckby on the GU.
Sorry to hear that the pack's unwell - I hope they get better soon. In our house they'd be on boiled chicken and rice - send them over it gets to be too much!

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Well, it's been all quiet now for three hours so fingers crossed, the worst is over...Mmm, that has a Famous Last Words ring to it, doesn't it?

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

You should have stuck to the cod or haddock, better still have a deep fried pie or saveloys if you are going to the chip shop - going all the way to London for a fish supper seems a bit OTT though, isn't there a Chippie nearby?

Re the puking pack, boiled cheap rice and raw eggs or rice and cooked chicken does it everytime for F&F

James said...

Very sorry to hear the pooches are sick. Whenever Jess is ill she looks so miserable it makes me realise where the phrase "sick as a dog" comes from.

Fly the yellow signal flag (Q) to indicate you have an infectious disease on board.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks, James. I also think I know where 'hangdog expression' comes from - Susie's face is even longer than usual!

Jill and Graham said...

Daisy's not been leaving her mouse "gizzards" over by your place has she?

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Oh gross!

John said...

From the Swallows and Amazon book "Winter Holiday"
"Why yellow?" asked Dorothea.
"Quarantine," said John.
"To show that we've come from a plague port and can't go ashore till we've been passed by the doctor," said Peggy.
"Nancy wouldn't have a quarantine flag," said John. "She'd have the plague flag itself, squares of yellow and black."

So you need a yellow and black plague flag..

Get well soon pooches


Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Anybody in? Come on Greygal, fingers to the keys, your adoring public awaits a further episode..
Haven't seen the latest weigh-in results for Monday either!