17 February 2009

Toe to tow

So the answer to the plan B poser? Well, Bobcat was pretty much on the money with walking all the canal towpaths – except I’m not quite that ambitious and would happily settle for completing the length of the Grand Union – at least to start with. Yes, there’d appear to be lots in favour of Brentford to Birmingham – two-fifths of it I’ve never boated on and it’s been a while since we did our last jollificating on GU waters. (Most of my memories are from a time when my knickers sported an Age 8-10 label…okay, I was sixteen but times were tough…). It’s practical from an accessibility point of view, with plenty of public transport to get me there and home again. Judging from Google Maps and Canal Planner, it also breaks down nicely into convenient 8-12 mile sections, a sensible pace for someone with a gammy leg and caffeine addiction (I can sniff out a coffee shop from a thousand paces so cue diversions…)

As lots of my weekends are taken up with other stuff, I’m not going to set unrealistic targets either. On the contrary, if I can get the Brentford – Braunston section done this year and then Braunston – Birmingham done next, I’d be pretty happy. And of course it may inspire other adventures – the BCN by bike maybe?

At this precise moment, snuggled down in front of the Squirrel (yep, we did a 3 coffee stop dash for the boat this morning), I’m actually quite content to do nothing whatsoever…although I am ogling the ring doughnut baker’s dozen that was on special at Sainsbugs this afternoon. The dogs are endeavouring to remove temptation though…they’ve thrown up a stockade around the galley and are using a lead to lasso the box…


indigodream said...

We may end up doing that stretch again in the spring - we wouldn't normally pick up hitchers but we may make an exception if you stick your thumb out on the towpath!

Lesley NB Caxton said...

Ok I am intrigued, how are you going to get five dogs on a bicycle to DO the BCN? Will you have a 'Goodies' style contraption, a hexicycle, with Susie on the front and you at the rear shouting instructions? Is Susie any good with direction, can she read a map as well? This feat is going to take very careful planning but could make you a STAR!

indigodream said...

Winter's not passing fast enough for me so I've been reading our summer blogs. It reminded me to remind you to watch out for the abundant information boards when you walk through Berkhamstead. Great excuse for a rest and you can do us a favour and tell us what they say - we didn't take the time to read them last year!

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Good luck with the walk - I can only just about manage to stagger around the boat shows - so I am much in awe of your dedication. (Lesley (Caxton) makes me exhausted just reading the blogs!! See you on the cut sometime.