18 March 2009


Forgot to say earlier...my scales tell me it's game over, target reached, four and a half stone shifted. And that's with both feet firmly planted and no hanging from the shower rail. Now the hard work begins...keeping it off!


BigJohn said...

Didn't you do well? Congratulations! I would say "Keep it up", but I'd better say "Keep it down!"

Nb Caxton said...

There should be a digital fanfare I could send you but you will have to accept my hearty congratulations, a slap on the back when I see you, (will I recognise you I wonder?)and my donation for Greyhound Rescue. Well done that woman!!!

indigodream said...

Hurrah! Well done you.
Why not sweat off your first creme egg by calculating what four and a half stone is in pounds so that I can sort out the donation. Where do you want the the donation to go? Big cheque to you or direct to your favourite shelter?

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thank you all. My virtual support network has played an invaluable role in keeping me on the straight and narrow and I hope I can count on your ongoing assistance to keep the ruddy pounds off...they have a habit of sneaking back when you're not looking..

Any donation would be gratefully received - http://www.justgiving.com/grwe/donate will take you to Greyhound Rescue West of England's charity page. And for those of you who are imperially challenged, it was 63 pounds in total!

My thanks again

Heth said...

Will we get a "before" & "after" photo gallery post?!


indigodream said...

Donation made - well done, greygal. The greys will be able to scoff extra pigs ears because of you!