10 March 2009

Working week on the Weaver

In ten days or so we should be back on the boat admiring our new carpets while simultaneously tutting at the state of our brasses. I've told A that we're not going anywhere while the exterior looks so unkempt so I'll be on wash and polish duty while he gets mean with whatever kick-ass brass cleaner comes to hand. The plan is to do some work-related visits that week while we still have access to the car and then to set sail in the general direction of the Weaver, on which we will pootle about in work/cruise mode and hope for decent dongle reception. If all else fails, we will go to Northwich and find a McDonalds to set up camp in - chips and free wifi? Wahey! The loose idea at present is to meander back slowly in time for Easter Sunday lunch with friends but we'll have to play it by ear, as ever. I can't wait until time is truly our own to do what we want with; work just gets in the way of having a great time. It's a stupid idea, whoever thought of it.

We were blessed with some absolutely delightful weather on our first Weaver trip, which of course helped make the experience all the sweeter, so I'm praying for another burst of Spring to see out March and welcome in April. There's not enough polish to go around for all the brass monkeys out there at the mo...


Bruce in Sanity said...

To get baaad tarnish off, we use Shiny Sinks or Barkeepers Friend. That quickly gets it back to the stage where it's easy to get the final shine with whatever polish you prefer.



Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Ooh, thanks Bruce. Not thought of Shiny Sinks although it works a treat for the, er, sink. Got some Barkeeper's Friend but I find I'm a bit fast and loose with the powder! Will give SS a whirl

indigodream said...

We keep our boat shiny by using chrome fittings :-)