23 March 2009

Plan C takes shape

I don't hang about me. A quick email exchange with the very helpful and obliging Nigel Stevens at Shire Cruisers and we've got ourselves a temporary billet on the Calder & Hebble sorted. So we'll go from Nantwich in late May, taking three weeks to go up the Macc, Peak Forest and Huddersfield canals and onto our summer residence at Sowerby Bridge. We'll probably shuttle between there and the Aire & Calder over the course of a week or two with the odd weekend thrown in, before moving on properly at the end of September. We'll use our autumn hols to tackle the Rochdale and then head as far south as we can before Christmas, the ultimate destination being Stenson, but with probable stop-offs at Preston Brook and Great Haywood along the way. We'll then use 2010 for a good old chug around the southern canals. Wow, this sounds exciting even on paper – what's it going to feel like actually doing it?


Lesley NB Caxton said...

You will perhaps find that the more simple life will mean the NEED to earn to pay for the old lifestyle is put under the spotlight... I really wish you well in this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Greygal,
See our new blog 'Tormentil', we bought our boat from shire cruisers (she used to be called Somerset) and had nothing but great service and help from Nigel. We are still at Sowerby Bridge and it is quite a nice place to be, but we hope to get around to the Leeds and Liverpool soon- enjoy your stay there.

nb.bobcat said...

Shire Cruisers are brilliant. I can vouch for the area as to date most of my meagre boating has been in this area.

I presume if not already fixed that the problem at Coopers will be a fond memory by the time you get there.

If your boat is 58ft to 60ft you may find some of the short locks interesting but do able if you do clever things with the bow rope before descending. And remember to keep bow and stern doors shut against some of the fountains.

Anonymous said...

But Lesley, the greyhounds will still need luxury beds, a wardrobe full of fashionable coats and ten tons of food a day. Don't give up the day job yet, Greygal :-)
ps. only joking - would be great to give up the day job!

Roger NB Windsong said...

Southern canals in 2010? Sounds good. We are planning to tootle down the K&A after our first winter on board

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Lesley. We will see!

Ali, I'll look up your blog and thanks for dropping by!

Bobcat, thanks for the tips and I may be coming back to you for more local knowledge!

Sue, you are so right - the dogs don't do penury

Roger, aren't you starting off around the Peak of Darien?!

Steve said...

Sowerby bridge (pronounced Soarby by the locals) is a fantastic place - really envy you, would love to have a summer residence there... best of luck