27 October 2008

Book club

I see that Jo on Hadar has put out an appeal to find a copy of Susan Woolfitt’s Idle Women. She writes:

I am hoping that someone out there has finished with their copy of 'Idle Women' by Susan Woolfitt and would be happy for it to go to a new home. It is a book I have been longing to read, but have had little luck with finding a copy.

I know how she feels. By strange coincidence, I have also been hankering after one of the other books in the series, Maidens’ Trip, by Emma Smith. I have hunted high and low for it with no joy, unless you count the costly second hand examples available on Amazon. So imagine my joy and surprise when, just as I was about to curse my mother for dragging me into a secondhand bookshop this morning, I find, nestling on the Transport shelves, a 1987 copy of the much sought after tome. And it was only £2.75. And mother offered to pay. Triple result!!

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