02 October 2008

Food for thought

I’ve changed my dog food. And why, prey, are you sharing that with us, Greygal? It’s not exactly a showstopper of an announcement. No, true, but I’m rather impressed with the dog food manufacturer Burgess. Burgess have been making greyhound food for yonks but it’s been traditionally geared towards racers, who have slightly different dietary requirements. Now they have launched a special Greyhound & Lurcher Food formulated for pets, which I can have delivered to my door for free. But that’s not why I’m impressed, no. The thing is, along with this new product line, has come a whole campaign geared to promoting dog rescues and particularly greyhound and lurcher rescue. They donate 20p to rescue centres from every pack of this new food sold, they’ve got a rescue locator facility on their website and they’re launching a Supadog Rescue Tales competition specifically for greys and lurchers. You can buy food as a donation and have it sent directly to the rescue centre of your choice and there’s also a Just Giving facility. I know that this is a great PR opportunity for Burgess – there has to be a commercial agenda somewhere – but I still think they deserve a round of applause for highlighting and supporting the work of greyhound rescue in the UK. It's nice to know that when you're having to shell out for dog scran, you're doing your bit at the same time.

P.S. All the books say that you should introduce a new food gradually to your dogs. Yeah, right.  I filled the bowls with new stuff and mine just tucked in as usual, throwing it all over the floor as they do - they had a large satisfying poop the next morning and hey presto, the switch was made.

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Anonymous said...

Our dogs swap easily between different foods as well - I think it must be the mixed diet that they steal (plus sausages from every pub we visit on the boat!). Thanks for the info on the food - we're always looking for new options. Ours are on Beta greyhound food at the moment - they love it, it's cheap and seems to be maintaining Blue's weight. He's so active he can lose a couple of kilos overnight - so unlike his mum!
Sue, Indigo Dream