20 October 2008

Lights, camera, not much action

It’s all quiet on the Western Front here but that’s set to change as my mother is visiting from France tomorrow. But just to prove that every cloud has a silver lining (only kidding mum!), we have a cunning plan to utilise her for dog-sitting so that we can nip off to Braunston for the day. We do need some ropes (I’m going to make up some springs, get me!) but the real reason is to pay a very long overdue visit to the Gongoozler’s Rest (to the uninitiated, it’s a floating cafe par excellence!). I won’t be eating for three days beforehand just so that I can do justice to their epic breakfasts. Cripes, I hope it’s still there....

I’ll leave you with this fuzzy mobile phone video that I found on my laptop today. In all the hoo-hah surrounding our near Titanic moment in Northgate locks earlier this year, I forgot that we filmed a bit of our three boat shuffle at the Bunbury staircase. It’s not exactly Spielberg but you’ll get the idea!

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Anonymous said...

It's better than anything that's on the telly at the moment!
Sue, Indigo dream