16 October 2008

Calling Caxton

Oi, can we uncross everything now? It’s been a painful day with all extremities crossed for the launch of Caxton and I’m hoping that she’s now safe in the water. I say hoping....I texted Lesley this morning to ask her if her new pride and joy was afloat. Sadly, the good ship Caxton had only just made it onto the low-loader with the critical moment still to come. She was due in around lunchtime and it’s been eerily quiet since. Hello, anyone there? Glug, glug, glug...

I bet it’s been a fab day for everyone connected with the build but especially the new owners – after so much dreaming and planning and shelling out loads of dosh and going mad looking for a rug, the time has come for them to see their baby wet its bum and to enjoy that first night aboard. It’s one of my biggest regrets that A and I didn’t wag a day off work to a) see the boat when it was put into the water for the first time for fitting out and b) to enjoy the holdup it caused on the M1 as it went by truck to the National at Huddersfield in 2002. When we finally got to spend our first night aboard some weeks later, it had already had about 500 people through, shuffling along in their pretty plastic booties and commenting on the teapot (a lovely Alessi one but I’d rather have had nice comments about the boat!). It just goes to show, you really should carpe diem and ring in sick. 


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how it went. We've been basking in their joy at a beautiful and efficient build. We had such hassle with Indigo Dream's builder that our excitement at the launch was blunted by exhaustion.We've made up for that since but I can't express how happy we are for Caxton.
Sue, Indigo Dream

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Which pretty brilliantly sums up the generosity of spirit and general good-eggedness that exists on the cut! Well said, Sue!