03 October 2008

Tonight's the night

We’re just about to leave for the boat. The dogs have had an early dinner and I’m putting the final touches to the packing. The fact that it has suddenly become winter overnight doesn’t cheer me as we’ll arrive at 10pm to find a chilly old boat and it’ll be too late to faff around with the Squirrel. So we’ll have that infernal ticking Mikuni all night – either that or hot water bottles for us and boat fleece coats (as opposed to house fleece coats) for the dogs. Unfortunately our main hot water bottle is styled in the fashion of Hong Kong Phooey – and every time you lie on its head it plays the HKP theme tune. You can imagine how well that goes down at 3 o clock in the morning.... 

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Anonymous said...

Please please come back - can't we pay you to ignore your clients and write for us? What's your hourly rate?!

Sue, Indigo Dream