12 November 2008

Dancing dog

As a fan of Strictly, I'm well aware of the amazing powers of dance when it comes to weight loss. So as I was making a coffee this morning, I started doing a jig in the kitchen (well, I don't want to overdo it) to some Motown track Ken Bruce was playing. I jigged over to the tap to fill the water reservoir of the machine, I jigged back to the microwave to heat up the milk, I jigged generally in the middle of the room and then..I was tripped up by Ranger,  who wanted desperately to join in but whose attempts at dancing with his mummy make John Sergeant look like Fred Astaire. You can't fault him for keenness or indeed bounce (maybe the jive is his strength?) but he does lack a certain poise and coordination. I think he's relying on the public vote to keep him out of the dog house...

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