18 November 2008

I'm a dieter, get me out of here

Work’s quite tedious isn’t it? If we hadn’t had to work today, we could have quite happily walked the dogs for miles around the forests, although I’m not too sure how the dogs would have felt about it. Most of the time here, they’ve spent looking upwards and crashing into trees as a result – well, if you will follow the squirrels rather than look where you’re going, what do you expect? But sadly, despite the gorgeous Autumn weather with all those leaves underfoot just ripe for the kicking, we had to stay in instead. Okay, so we’ve made real inroads into our respective workloads, which is just as well considering we’re off on hols a week on Friday. And we have managed a few decent dog walks as well, so no-one’s suffering. Well, only me. 

Do you know how difficult it is to only get one Twix out of a packet? To open a pack of Wagon Wheels and fish out just a single round? To count your Cocoa Pops into a bowl while someone simply upends the packet into his? It’s trying, believe me. And I have concerns now about the holiday as A is always in charge of the galley. In former, fatter times, that would mean that no cup of coffee or tea would ever come out the back unaccompanied: there would always be a liberal garnish of biscuits and sweets. Lunchtime would also be suitably marked, with A proudly thrusting out his latest concoction for me to admire and then devour. Bacon usually features. And then a few crisps here, a few snacks there….The obvious solution is not to have naughty things on the boat in the first place but that seems a bit unfair on A who is quite happy with just the one KitKat whereas I seem to have some pathological need for three. Ooh, hang on a sec – light bulb moment…get him something I don’t like!  Easy. Dark chocolate. Bourneville. Large bar of. I’ll add that to my list. Under satsumas. Two tonnes of. 

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