14 November 2008

Pound for pound

Here we are, playing pixies in the forest…we had a good drive up (just two small lattes on the way for personal fuel) and are now ensconced in Sniffy Dog Paradise…or Chasing Squirrel Nirvana, take your pick. I took the hounds for an explore this afternoon and they loved it, but it has tired them out a tad so they’ve taken to my bed to sleep it off. It was really wonderful to do a walk of that length without any sciatic trouble – my osteopath-cum-acupuncturist has really sent it on its way and it’s only when you are without pain that you realize just how wearing and debilitating constant pain actually is. Three cheers for acupuncture, which was the treatment that worked the miracle. I’m a fan for life. Shame needles in your bum can’t help with weight loss…

Ah, yes, you’re waiting for the news aren’t you? I’ve decided that I will publicise my week’s achievements on a Friday – before the weekend can wreak its damage. Well, bearing in mind this is a short week as I only weighed myself for the first time on Monday, I can tell you that as of this morning I have lost 4 pounds. Not a bad start but it also seems scant reward for my superhuman efforts of the past few days – but no, I must be patient. This is no ‘quick-fix, starve, cry, faint, fall over, sod it, give in and pass me the Dairy Milk’ type strategy, which is doomed to failure and just makes you fatter than before. No, it’s a medium-to-long term re-education of my eating habits. (And I wrote that with a serious expression on my face). Mung bean anyone?

P.S. When (not if) I hit my target, I am going to make a donation to greyhound charities with monetary pounds equaling fat pounds lost. Anyone who would like to show some support and solidarity for two good causes by adding to that donation in a small way, you’re most welcome here.


Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

I will sponsor your weight loss! Well done on the first weeks' effort - what is the target and time scale?

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks Lesley! The extra incentive really helps. Now if I say this quickly then it doesn't hurt... Fourandahalfstonebyaugust22next year. I'll do it for the greys!

Anonymous said...

Happy to support you but can we make it half a pound per pound? If you lose the four and a half stone that I need to lose as well then we'll make it more!
4lb in the first week is really great going - keep it up.
Sue, Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

I really admire you and I'm sure it will come off really quickly - keep focused on the greys! I've donated an honorarium for completing a professional survey to the Retired Greyhounds Trust in your name.
NB Even Balance

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Sue, all contributions gratefully received but I'll pass on the extra 4.5 stone thank you!

Julia and friend of Snecklifter! That is too kind! Just the incentive I needed as it approaches the hungry witching hour of 6pm. I cannot let my supporters down.