27 January 2009

At home

Not much to report here except that I seem to be indulging in a little too much retail therapy...oh well, women were born to shop! I was interested to read in this month's Waterways World that the BCN Marathon Challenge is returning..we're giving it some serious consideration although I reckon those intrepid Indigo Dreamers might fancy having a go too. Could be a serious greyhound tear up on the Walsall Town Arm..

For those of you thinking that she hasn't mentioned her weight yet, has she?, well, our trip north last week meant a missed weigh-in day so we'll be having an update this weekend. Meanwhile, my TV viewing is oscillating between the masochistic (MasterChef) and the depressing (lots of programmes about obesity/dieting and how even if you lose all your excess weight, you're bound to turn back into a lard-arse at some point -with extra lard. Well, I'll worry about keeping it off when I've finally got it all off and not before. 

This weekend's amusement is a trip to East Coast Leisure to buy a porch/awning for the motorhome. We think the extra space won't come amiss and of course it will make an excellent dog drying off area. Unfortunately everyone I've ever talked to about these contraptions tells me that putting one up for the first time is the stuff divorces are made of, so A and I are going to make a pact that what's said/sworn outside stays outside and that we'll all be peace and light indoors. Yeah right...I have visions of a half-built porch hanging off the side of the van, crumpled and torn, the rock pegs hanging on for dear life as A drives off in a huge huff through the gawping crowd...I think I may do a build blog on this great event, save the epic saga for posterity. We're off to Thetford Forest the following weekend and the plan is to have a first bash then - if we do divorce, at least we won't have very far to go home.


Lesley NB Caxton said...

And how big is this 'porch awning' going to be? You want to dry 5 large canines and two homo sapians in this space and it needs to be strong enough to leave in situ whilst you drive off in the van...
Sounds like a job for the professionals

Anonymous said...

We'd love to do the BCN challenge - we were gutted that it wasn't on last year! Of course, with 7 marauding greyhounds (including scarface Blue who now looks like a cross between pirate and a pit bull) we won't be having any trouble from the towpath!
Sue, Indigo Dream