12 January 2009

Cache and carry

We'll be off to Boroughbridge first thing Saturday, Cambridge services first stop. Sadly, the services don't have quite the attraction they once did, which may well have something to do with the fact that I just have a pathetically small thimbleful of latte these days, as opposed to my previously traditional bucket to help wash down the raisin whirl and/or custard danish.

I'm hopeful that in amongst the work duties, A and I may be able to get some more geocaching done - a) I'm in need of some lengthy walks and b) we've got a Travel Bug that needs relocating. I've done some research and it looks like there may be a few caches within walking distance of the site, which would be a bonus. We just need to be careful not to get too addicted to this little diversion - we couldn't get enough over Christmas and A's PDA-cum-GPS-transmitter went into overdrive with all the coordinates we were bashing in. Somehow I don't think 'I'm so sorry I forgot our meeting this morning, I was crawling under a hedge looking for a tupperware box' will cut much ice with my clients so maybe we'll designate one weekday afternoon for playtime and save the rest for earning some money.

As soon as we're back, we'll be off again almost immediately to the boat, where I'm planning to meet with a number of useful chaps who can help me with the various improvements I've got in mind. That's why we need to earn some money - my original short list has become quite a long list but you know, why spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar and all that...That's certainly what I'll be telling A when I present him with the bills.

P.S. Susie is not pleased to hear of Fletcher the labrador's (NB Caxton) exploits as she deems him a great big show off for pirouetting off the lock gate and acrobatically crashing into the murky waters below, prior to a prompt and safe rescue. She feels that this is outdoing her own rather lame sub-aqua efforts viz. missing the bank and submerging herself in the tail of Colwich Lock; and as she absolutely has to be brasher, bigger and better than anyone else, she is currently planning a plunge from the top of Anderton Lift into a dog bowl of water. Hope she deflates her armbands before she jumps.

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