31 January 2009

Waits and measures

So apologies for the delay in the weight update but today's the day. I always step on the scales with a sense of trepidation, just because you rarely ever do as well you want to do and you almost inevitably set yourself up to fail. Plus, as experienced dieters will tell you, you are forever haunted by fears of 'plateauing' and the accompanying spectre of a reduced rate of weight loss the longer you go on. Now I don't like to feel miserable first thing on Saturday morning - it puts a bit of a dampener on things - so I was really chuffed to see that over the past three weeks, I've lost another 10 pounds. That makes 47 in total and just another 16 to go till I hit target.

Well, it may be more or less than 16, it depends. I've decided to end this diet on 9th April - Good Friday - come what may. It seems a good day to call time, because I'd like to scoff a big Easter lunch and maybe the odd egg or 6. It will also be five months exactly since I started this regime and that's enough for any mere mortal. And I'll be happy with what I've achieved regardless. I don't think I'll ever be sylph-like (I'm missing the size double zero gene) but I'm certainly less flabby and wobbly than I was in November. When we finally catch up with the Caxtonites, they will be a good arbiter of how far I have progressed as Joe and Lesley were two of the last people to see me at my peak, as it were. It's tempting to go on and on but I've been there, done that, got the size 10 T-shirt, been slightly unhinged about it all and would prefer to be a bit more relaxed about food in the future. I'll worry about a maintenance strategy later - maybe as I lick the top off my first creme egg of 2009.


indigodream said...

You are amazing - what a great achievement. Can't wait to hand you over the heavyweight cheque (or tender of your choice) at Eastertime.
Sue, Indigo Dream

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks very much, Sue. I'm indebted to everyone's support and encouragement over the past few weeks - going public has certainly helped enormously! I would have felt a right failure if I'd quit after a fortnight - and besides, there are homeless hounds to help!