30 January 2009

Train takes the strain

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Hey all you narrowboating dudes blogging at 4mph – I'm on a train blogging at 140mph, so nah! Actually, it's only going about 14mph and I don't think its top speed is much more than a ton but I've never blogged on a choo-choo before so poetic license is permitted. I'm trying out my road warrior kit (or should that be train warrior) – a nifty little Samsung NC-10 netbook plus hi-speed dongle, a crafty combo that gives me about six hours of mobile computing time to wile away tedious journeys. 

The lady opposite me this morning was obviously jealous as she for no apparent reason kicked me in the shin – hard. She tried to make out it was accidental but unless she's got St Vitus dance, I don't quite see how that can be – she swung her leg through a good 50 degree arc before clobbering me and she had Doc Martens on. I spent the rest of the journey ostentatiously rubbing my shin and muttering about assault and battery with a deadly shoe... My trip from home to Reading and back was notable only for a jammed level crossing, a broken rail, a missed connection, no Circle Line and 3 lattes from Costa, so just a regular day. I can't abide going anywhere on Fridays but at least I won't be home too late. Now I've written this post, let's see if I can actually post the damn thing....

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