06 January 2009

Here we go again

Cripes, we’re no sooner back than we’re planning to be off again in a week or so’s time. We’re doing our classic combining of work and play by heading north in the motorhome to stay at the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Boroughbridge site for a week, allowing us to conduct some essential training for a client as well as get some geocaching and general loafing about in. Mmm, I’m going to miss my new luvverley bed, methinks, particularly when all five dogs try and join me in the smallish camper double every night…since Ranger has worked out that he can just barge through the dividing curtain, there’s no stopping any of the buggers. Love ‘em….

We’ll also be back at the boat mid Feb for a round of maintenance and meetings with various peeps to sort out a number of improvements – a cratch table and seating, a new cratch cover, some new carpet and an extension to the hearth so the new carpet doesn’t go the way of the old one. Curious pattern? No, burn marks…

A has also promised that he’ll fit the new tank watch gauge at long last – he’s been promising to do it for the past nine months so I’m not holding my breath. Actually, I will be because that tank’s going to stink when we open her up…Anyway, hopefully everything will all be ready before Easter and once the holiday scrum has subsided, we can pootle off to the Weaver for another work/holiday week. Can’t have too many of them in a year…

And maybe, just maybe, all you lot down there colonizing the Leicester Arm might like to move your bums north so we can get a bit of socializing in…I should be thin and gorgeous by then and allowed to eat more than half a tomato.

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Jill and Graham said...

honestly, we were trying to get north but jack frost got involved and took all our descision making and planning away from us.Boo Hoo.