09 July 2008

Hearts of gold

A visit to the RGT Croftview website provided a very uplifting moment today. It is always very sad to see some dogs remain unchosen for weeks, then months, occasionally even stretching into years. There’s sometimes a reason why the potential rehoming is so protracted – a dog is too shy, too excitable, too nervous, too big, too loud – but just as often, there isn’t, it’s just bad luck. I can’t bear it when a dog goes ignored for so long and that’s exactly why we went and rescued Ranger. But you can’t save them all and for most of last year and the year before I despaired at the fate of a black dog called Crystal (who incidentally was Ranger’s kennel mate). Crystal was very nervous but also very wilful – the bed was hers, the food was hers, she’d only go for a walk when she wanted. In other words, a bit of a madam, but also a rather scared, frightened little girl. It takes someone with a big heart to look past all the negatives and to give this sort of dog a chance, particularly when there are so many eager faces looking through the bars and competing for one’s affections.

So I was delighted to see a few months back that Crystal had finally got a crack at her forever home and today the website carried an update from her new owner, together with some pics. Having once seen her lying at the back of her kennel seemingly disinterested in everything around her, how wonderful it is to see her in her new home seemingly buzzing with new life and energy and happiness. And to Crystal’s new mum and dad and to everyone who’s found it in their hearts to change the life of a long-stayer, thank you.


Lesley and Joe K said...

Very heart warming
Nb Caxton

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

You bet, guys. I do love a happy ending!