30 July 2008

Two feet out

Question: How do you lose two feet off your boat in six hours? Answer: Wishfully think that the Leeds & Liverpool is big enough for a 64 footer. I’m indebted to Bruce of Sanity who has reminded me that while we’d all like the Leeds & Liverpool to take 64ft, it only takes 62ft. What about if you go in diagonally with your fenders up? I probably won’t risk it which means that the Hammond organ is definitely out. Unless we go for the first ever butty as floating music studio - Abbey Flowed anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Nice guide to length on ABNB's web site: http://www.abnb.co.uk/submenupages/57ft_myth.html

We visited them to look at 2nd hand narrowboats before we decided to go for Indigo Dream. This was pre the handy web site table. Then they had all sorts of maps lying around and could talk for an amazing length of time about lock lengths and the Heads of the Valley bridge ...