31 July 2008

No F in sight

All this hoo-hah recently about BW only excising the rude words from graffiti splashed bridges reminds me of something I clocked on our recent trip up to Ellesmere Port. And that is, the higher standard of colourful daubs you get in Chester. Oh yes, this is the land of quality spray can scribing. One bridge sticks in my memory, as instead of the usual Fs and Cs and ‘Stevie is gay’ and ‘Natalie’s a slag’ scrawls, you got instead a nostalgic game of noughts and crosses and the philosophical legend ‘Colours are what keep me alive’. Meanwhile, on a railway bridge further down, someone had painted SASQUATCH across the top. To even know about Sasquatch is one thing; but to spell it correctly is a triumph. Who said literacy standards were on the decline?

To end with, my most favourite graffito of all time:

To be is to do – Sartre
To do is to be - Rousseau
Dobedobedo - Sinatra


PAV said...

Hi Greygal, I have been intending to contact you to say thanks for the bit you put onto your blog about Marmaduke....Sorry for the delay. It was much appreciated. Enjoy reading your blog, it is always entertaining. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,
John, Cathy and The Woofs.
NB Marmaduke.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks John. Yours is an amazing story and I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Enjoy the Four Counties!