20 July 2008

Readers' poll

Your boat's tied up, your motorhome's parked up, your dogs are behaving themselves, there are no domestic dramas or disasters - bugger, what on earth do you blog about? Ah, I know...I shall invite my dear reader to help me decide on the mutts' new winter wear. There is a general feeling in dog bed city at the moment that they're all getting a bit of a bum deal when it comes to their cold weather gear - we have other greys in the village that seem to boast the latest in canine couture and they're walking around in last year's fashions. The main problem is that their coats (and I'm talking here about their fleecy coats that they wear outside if it's dry but chilly) are a bit on the dull side - plain, solid colours with a velcro belly band. Obviously we are a little more conservative over here than when compared with somewhere like America (totally bonkers when it comes to doggie apparel) but I think it would be nice to be a little more adventurous. Enter AK Creations! The question is, what fabric do I get for which dog? Skull and crossbones for Ranger? Leopard print for Monty? Sheep for Miffy? And is it snood or s-no snood? Whatever I decide on, I'll have spent more on their wardrobe than I have on mine. But I can just see Susie striding out in her new togs, cocking a snook to those girl greys who have the cheek to be younger, prettier and better behaved than her. I'm hoping there's sufficient room in these outfits for the boys to be able to cock something else.


Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law is a vet and goes to a vet gathering in america every year. She always brings back loads of greyhound goodies - including (this year) the best birthday card (I'll try to post an image on the blog someday - it's very funny). I think we need a trip out there to stock up!
Sue, Indigo Dream
ps. the rest of our BCN blog will be on tomorrow!

Lesley and Joe K said...

Psssst I hear that there has been a call made to the RSPCA. Luckily for you they could quite get the name of the caller, lots of growling and woofing noises were heard though. I would keep a low profile if I was you or blame this post on someone else.
See NB Caxton

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Sue, can't wait for more BCN blog! And if I went to the States for greyhound goodies, there wouldn't be a plane big enough to carry me back!

Lesley, there appear to be paw marks on my laptop. Are my lot communicating with your lot? They'll be Skyping one another next.

Anonymous said...

I've just been on the AK website - I can feel a shopping spree coming on. Lou definitely needs some pyjamas and the collars are very tempting......
This might mean that I need to spend some time actually working for money rather than just writing/reading blogs!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

I think half of my annual expenditure is actually dog-related. I look at the shopping on the belt at the supermarket and just think ' That's for the dogs, that's for the dogs, that's for the dogs...the dry crackers are mine, that's for the dogs, that's for the dogs etc etc. Be careful though..I think there are some very jealous black labs out there who secretly want to get inside some greyhound jimjams!