16 July 2008


How sad to read Elise’s latest post on Bendigedig. She relates:

“We enjoyed our stay at Rickmansworth once again and had some lovely walks around the lakes with Ben the dog. When we passed one visiting boat Ben being his noisy self put his nose in their open side hatch and we were told to f... off by a very unfriendly boater!”

I’m sorry but is swearing at something as inoffensive as a dog looking into your boat really suitable behaviour for an adult? Or was this person formed from the sweepings at the bottom of the gene pool? If you don’t like it (and everyone has that right, I appreciate that not everyone is dog-friendly) there are ways and ways of telling someone to desist. Using the F word in an innocent situation like this is the last resort of the rude and moronic. And no, I'm not a saint and I can swear with the best of them but not when an occurence is as innocuous as this. Thankfully, the incident doesn’t seem to have spoilt Elsie and Eric’s day – and a nicer couple you couldn’t hope to meet – but it’s things like this that really get my goat. Bleat over.

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