06 July 2008

No apologies

I make no apologies for this post. This video is ridiculously schmaltzy but I still blubbed....not sure why as it's totally innocuous. It's only pictures for heaven's sake. Maybe the tears are for all those who haven't got lucky...or the Rod Stewart music. You need to have your sound enabled and if you're a soft shite like me, a tissue handy.


Sue, I hope Lou and Blue are listening...

P.S. A propos of nothing (well, maybe the last line of Granny's post), I have thought of another reason why I hang my rope over my tiller pin...leave it on deck and Susie does dog macramé with it. I wouldn't mind but she doesn't even make anything useful, just chokes herself.


Anonymous said...

Lou and blue are far too busy to watch videos! They are scoffing fridge left overs as we head back from Birmingham to Redhill on the cross country train. First class (+£15 on a weekend) is just perfect as the wheel chair space accommodates 2 greyhounds very comfortably...

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Sue and Richard

Could you not get them their own personal DVD players for the trip? Actually no, on second thoughts, fridge left overs are much more appealing!

I'm so impressed that you take L&B on the train...they're obviously beautifully behaved dogs. Must get some of those one day!

All the best


Anonymous said...

Secret is the sheepskins. Drop a sheepskin on the floor and and the dogs just settle be it pub or train. Lou still gets a bit stressed, Blue now dozes quite happily. We got our full size ones for a few pounds from a farmer on the side of the road just outside Zakopane, Poland - don't think Canalplan goes that far. We got some half size ones (perfect for portable comfort) in Bradford-on-avon for a £5, go on plan that route! They say the Severn Bridge looks good from underneath.