26 July 2008

Wash day

The highlight of my week? Annual dog wash day. It took a bit of time and coercion to round them all up but once in the bath with a tepid hose on them they were fine. Thankfully, greyhounds don’t tend to smell really doggy – owners will tell you that, if anything, they smell rather catlike, so there’s no real pressure to put them through regular ablutions. Once a year does for us. Of course, all hell broke loose afterwards as no-one recognises anyone else as they no longer have the same scent. Half an hour of reacquainting themselves did the trick and the hot weather dried their fur off within the hour. The bathroom looked like a disaster area and we’ll be cleaning hair out of the plug hole for weeks to come. But at least it’s done for another year. If anyone rolls in fox shit tomorrow, they’re on a one way ticket outta here...


Lesley and Joe K said...

Yes well, in Lab-Rat world over here the shower is regularly in use. Floyd in particular has a fondness for stagnant water of any depth, temperature or hue. Joe gets the job of scrubbing the little bugger and I get to dry dogs, scrub out bathroom and launder about 30 towels!
NB Caxton

Anonymous said...

They're all wearing EXACTLY the same slightly persecuted look as Blue and Lou adopt when we force them into the bath! Luckily for us, they have taken to rolling themselves dry in the huge drift of lavender growing outside our front door - sweet!
Sue, Indigo Dream