16 July 2008

Mug shot

You may recall that gang member number 5, Ranger, was a sob story rescue because no-one had shown the slightest interest in him. I've just dug out the picture they used to 'advertise' him on the RGT Croftview website. I don't think they did him any favours....more bovver boy than cutey pie!


Anonymous said...

The rescue centre photos do leave something to be desired - Lou's did nothing for her!
I think Ranger looks like an alien in this photo (no offense, honest). With those big eyes I'm surprised he wasn't able to exert some hypno-powers to get someone to take him home. Or does this simply mean that you're more susceptible to supernatural mind-manipulation!
Mind you, if greys had mind-powers they'd have long since found a way to levitate food from the fridge to their duvets!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Dogsontour said...

Cover your ears, Ranger! I think I'm more susceptible (read sucker)to a hard luck story really...it's incredible that I don't have about two dozen at home, the number of times I've said "We must have him/her". I'll tell you something, they don't need any extra powers for getting food from the cupboards/fridge to their baskets. Did you hear about the little girl that snaffled six boxes of mince pies into her bed?

Heth said...

Just catching up on some feeds, not had chance to read much recently, saw this picture, yes it does do him justice cos he's cute as a button & reminds me of my sisters dog - like you can "read" what they're thinking!