18 May 2008

Bog blog

There is a saying (well, there isn’t but call it artistic licence) that when boaters get together, it only takes two minutes for the conversation to move onto the subject of loos. So we’ve been together for a while now so that’s exactly where I’m heading. Well, in the general vicinity because what I want to vent about today is my WC’s tank gauge - the single most pointless thing on the whole boat. It beams green for go (0-99% full) and red for stop (100% full) with nothing in between. Useful eh? So to ensure we don’t get horribly caught short, we resort to counting days. I know that we can go 17-18 days of reasonable usage before we need to start thinking about pumping out. But it’s a bit tricky to remember over the course of two or three months just how many weekends or long weekends we’ve had and precisely which day we came and left. Was it Thursday or Friday? An extra day could throw our calcs right out and then we’d be in the poo good and proper.

The obvious alternative is a multi-sensor tank gauge but bags not be the one to change it. The other option I read about on Sterling’s website was, I recall, a sensor that didn’t measure the stinky liquid itself but measured the air that remained left in the tank and gave a percentage reading: you have 20% still to fill, go for it. Well, not quite but I think a LCD readout could be a definite future enhancement. You have 2% remaining, do you want to risk it? Anyway, it all seems like a very hi-tech way of measuring that malevolent brew that slops under your bed each night, so I might just stick to counting days. Any thoughts on either of these contrivances, please comment on my bog blog.

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