13 May 2008


Oops! I never actually thought anyone would find my blog and so when the muse left me, I didn't really think it would matter. But now I have been outed by Granny Buttons and I feel that I must continue....and this despite my track record of being a great starter and a lousy finisher!

It's not an excuse really but the rest of the trip was so good that blogging was all but forgotten. Suffice to say, we uncovered another little gem of an area and, Arnie-like, we'll be back. Our return was marked by a serendipitous conjoining of dogs and blogs when Contended Souls and Bendigedig and we all met at the second lock up on the Middlewich branch - and whose name I can never remember. Thingy lock....It was a case of good dogs, slightly naughty dogs and our dogs kept well locked up to avoid any aggro. Don't get me wrong, they're all lovely but the gang has a ringleader and she's can be a right bossy moo....

Actually, there was a long old thread on one of the canal forums the other day about dogs on the towpath, particularly about keeping them (or not) on leads and/or under control when walking the towpath. Lots of argument and counter argument but I'm not sure how anyone can believe it's acceptable just to let their dog commandeer the towpath when moored (and remain unsupervised) or to run miles on ahead out of sight of the pooper-scooper. You must take responsibility as a dog owner and that means picking up doings and ensuring your dog offers no threat or concern to other dogs, other owners or members of the dogless population.

Andrew, let me assure you I do have an eagle eye and an eager shovel when it comes to my tribe. I live in hope that I may be able to make an alternative bio-fuel out of the daily collections, though it would be inadvisable to stand down wind of my exhaust.

I agree that five dogs could be a bit of a giveaway....mmm, maybe I could fatten a couple up into Labrador lookalikes...

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