29 May 2008

The collective noun challenge

I must add another blog to my personal faves as noted here. I do enjoy my cruise blogs so Geoff and Gill’s Petroc Perambulations is right up my street...or should that be canal? It’s an eloquent and descriptive account of their meanderings and makes for a very pleasant read. Petroc is on the K&A at the moment, which means there’s a rather loose conjunction of bloggers out west with Ten Bob Note and Epiphany also reporting from their respective parts of the cut. And this got me thinking about a suitable collective noun for bloggers....maybe we could have a bit of a competition to find the best one. My efforts thus far include a ‘banter of bloggers’, a ‘blarney of bloggers’, a ‘scribe of bloggers’ and a ‘reportage of bloggers’. Any more for any more?

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