13 May 2008

It's a dog's life

Not surprising, really, but we do get asked alot about how we get on with five dogs on board. First, I should say that we don't live on board full time as yet so the cramped canine lunacy only lasts for two to three weeks at a time. To be honest though, we do get used to it quite quickly - the stepping over paws and heads, the holding of breath as they do a London's Burning style round of farts, the repelling of boarders as they try to jump on the bed. But maybe that's because we know normality - big living rooms and king-size mattresses - is just around the corner and we can put up with anything temporarily.

It's a similar story in the motorhome to which they have also adapted incredibly well. They do however have a Pavlovian response to stopping in both van and boat - they go absolutely mental in anticipation of mummy coming along shortly with the leads to take them to a fresh doggy paradise: new smells to sniff and new trees to whiz up. Generally they behave very well and I think they enjoy the stimulus of a trip as much as we do. Admittedly they sleep through most of it but they are always available for a cuddle - that's a great boon in winter when your Mikuni's playing up.

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