19 May 2008

Coffee break

Now if you’ve been following the Black Bess blog (try saying that with six pints of Scrumpy inside you), you’ll know that they have a predilection for cappuccinos, recording the occasions where they’ve had a good one. At the last count they were up to 10 having hit upon ‘un embarrass de richesses’ in Llangollen with three Costa Coffee outlets. Stand back, I’m coming through, as I am quite possibly the world’s biggest caffeine addict. My favoured tipple is a latte, bucket sized preferably, and if you're wondering about the difference, then let me step into barista mode and illuminate you forthwith.

Cappuccinos are a third espresso, a third steamed milk, and a third froth, while lattes are a third espresso, two thirds steamed milk and a little plop of foam on the top. Ask for a wet latte and you don’t get any foam, ask for a dry latte and you get extra foam but not enough that it qualifies as a cappuccino. I say, if I’m paying £2.00 for a coffee, I want £2.00 worth of liquid, not a quid's worth of liquid and a quid's worth of froth. If I wanted froth, I'd just stick a straw in and blow...

All of which has nearly made me forget the reason for posting....I can’t remember if BB called in here but should anyone find themselves outside the BW facilities at Nantwich, do trundle down to the excellent cafe at the Nantwich Canal Centre. They do take away (coffee, tea, bacon sarnies etc) but I found the big cup coffee servings accompanying my cooked breakfast exceptionally slurp-worthy and worth sitting down for. If you’re looking for number 11, BB, you know where to go.

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