21 May 2008

An Epiphany in Devizes

One of the great advantages of having the motorhome is that you can get to canals a hundred miles from where your boat is. Handy if you want to meet new friends moored on the K&A when you’re moored on the Llangollen. So we pressed the wheels into action to go and set up camp in Devizes, enabling us to do dinner, coffee, boat tour and dog photo shoot in the company of Fiona and John Slee. Bloggers will know them as the waterway-campaigning owners of Epiphany, a stunning Bath Narrowboats creation which looked as good inside as it did out. It also gave us the opportunity to go and gulp in front of Caen Hill bottom lock. Come off it, six locks in a row is about my maximum...you really expect me to go up that?

Back to John and Fiona for a sec. They are one of the loveliest couples you could hope to meet (I’d definitely bags them for locking partners on that monster flight for a start) and I reckon they’d be an excellent source of tips and advice for the taller would-be boater. Let’s just say that Big John is not an ironic appellation...As A and I are both average height, we never think about issues facing either the vertically challenged or vertically rampant but they must exist. Now above average width we can do...

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