25 May 2008

Breaking the linear habit

When we eventually become liveaboards and continuous cruisers, one of my aims is to put an end to our ‘linear habits.’ By this I mean that we just tend to cruise along the cut, then walk along the towpath with the dogs, maintaining a sort of parallel lines existence. Except for necessities, we rarely strike off on a whim, across country or into a village or town, and I’m sure we are the poorer for it. I think it must be a hangover from our hiring days when it was always ‘go, go, go’, not ‘oi, are we going to stop, ever?’.

I think having lots of time will help. At the moment, we still tend to be on a bit of a schedule because we like to make the most of our holidays. But people like Sue of No Problem show how much you can enjoy the countryside if you eschew the towpath for mysterious tracks and footpaths. Her posts regularly feature her perambulations over hill and dale in company with her two woofs and we all really look forward to following in their foot- and paw- steps. Jo and Keith on Hadar also show a real passion for places old and new, managing to drag themselves away from their magnificent boat to explore their surroundings with energy and enthusiasm. You’re always invited along for the ride and made to feel very welcome, so thanks guys! Mention should also be made of Les on Valerie who is a veritable mine of information, absorbing everything on his adventure to everywhere.

Bu step aside and welcome the non-linear gold medal winners, Derek and Dot of Gypsy Rover. The Ds’ blog is a veritable online Baedecker of the UK waterways thanks to their seemingly limitless interest in the everyday and the esoteric. They generously share all their findings with us but it is they who are enriched by their inquisitive minds and tireless feet!

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