16 May 2008

Camping it up

We’re setting off for a work trip soon. Before you say it, no, this is not a euphemism for a sneaky holiday. This is the motorhome equivalent of a work cruise, which is where we move around very slowly, and sometimes not at all, and maintain the illusion that we are still doing our jobs. To be fair, work is work and holiday is holiday so we do buckle down. We also have the incentive that if we get a wiggle on, we can fit something more leisure-oriented into the day, maybe an hour’s cruising or a walk off the campsite. A few months back, we enjoyed a long weekend at the Caravan Club’s Chirk site. On Friday morning we ploughed through the work so we could spend the latter part of the afternoon having a dawdle down the towpath. We’re happy, the clients are happy, the dogs are ecstatic, so where’s the harm? It is so nice to be able to have a change of scene and still earn a crust – and we are very grateful that we have that capability. Thanks to T-Mobile and Vodafone ( I bow down before your dongles), no-one will ever know that in a few weeks we’ll be emailing them from Sutherland. Bugger, let’s hope they don’t read this. Actually, I’d like to think clients aren’t too bothered where you are as long as the job gets done. But there’s a psychological something there that says if you’re not at your desk you’re not at work, hence not broadcasting the fact that we’ll shortly be sipping lattes in the Costa Coffee at John O’Groats. Oh damn, there I go again....

One thing that I do know is there won’t be any canals where we’re going, just sea lochs – and very beautiful they are too. But sometimes we can pull off a double whammy – camping next to or near to the cut. We’ve enjoyed walking down the Grand Western in Devon, the K&A in Devizes and the Llangollen at Chirk and Trevor, and I now have my eye on a site adjacent to the Mon & Brec. If anyone has any recommendations as to where I can doubly indulge further, then please leave word in the comments box.

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