28 May 2008

Musings of a starving woman

I had chocolate yesterday. A little treat to mark the end of the first week of the dreaded diet. It’s gone okay apart from feeling hungry all day – even in my sleep I’m reaching for the imaginary jam doughnut that, a la Tantalus, is always just out of reach. I was sorely tested last Friday, mind, when a client lunch landed in my diary. Now you know how it is...swish French restaurant and diet don’t go, do they? I mean, I was tempted to order a bowl of mung beans and a glass of tap water but I thought that it would seem a bit rude in company. So I went for the healthy fish option, which was a gorgeous, oh so delicate monkfish...not many calories there. Shame the same can’t be said for the luxuriant champagne and tarragon sabayon that surrounded it. I obviously had to have a taste which somehow led me to demolishing all of it...

At the moment, I would kill to be within a bacon rasher’s distance of the Gongoozler’s Rest. The GR is a floating cafe in Braunston and the purveyor of one of the largest breakfasts known to man. You may get in the side door entrance but squeezing out after one of these very fine gut-busters is quite another matter. One day I must patronise Edwards of Crick. It obviously did a roaring trade at this year’s on-off show and I have rarely had a bad word said about it. Talking of Crick, I read on one of the forums yesterday that someone had got very short shrift at a certain well known brokerage's stand– considering that it is not the easiest of times for anyone at the moment (and that word, especially a bad one, spreads like wildfire in this digital age) I would have thought they would all have been on a charm offensive. However, the kindly folk at the Braidbar stand made up for it, so good for them. Bruce and Sheila Napier of Sanity were two of those kindly folk, no doubt, and Bruce has posted about their whirlwind weekend here. He even got to meet Tom 'NBW' Crossley's newest best mate, Andrew 'GB' Denny (see Granny posts passim). Now the lucky blighters (Bruce and Sheila that is, not Tom and Andrew, please do keep up ) are off to the Saul Festival...could someone please predict the winning Lottery numbers for me? I’m not sure how much more of this work thing I can take, especially on a diet. Where’s that KitKat?

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