12 August 2008

Blogger banter

Today I had the pleasure of meeting those canine stars of the cut, Floyd and Fletcher of NB Caxton. What gorgeous dogs – soft, sleek, shiny and impeccably well-behaved, not moving an inch during our lengthy sojourn in the pub, not even to sniff up my BLT. Good breeding obviously runs in the family as their human owners, Lesley and Joe, were an equally delightful couple, brimming with enthusiasm about their soon-to-be life afloat. With their positive outlook and pragmatic approach they'll have a ball and I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again but on the cut next time. On this occasion we relied on cars to transport us to a nice little pub near Lesley and Joe’s campsite and we happily wiled away the whole afternoon. Of course, boaters/bloggers come genetically equipped with the YY chromosome (YY, as in Yakkity Yak) so we enjoyed four hours of non-stop chat, covering the full gamut of subjects from dogs to blogs, dinettes to bogs. In our defence, we didn’t do ‘toilet talk’ until at least the third hour, which is probably some sort of record, and it was only with huge reluctance that I eventually dragged myself away. It’s always so nice to meet bloggers in the flesh – posts and emails are great but there’s nothing like a proper face-to-face get-together. And how refreshing to eat a meal in the company of dogs without having to put razor-wire round your bacon sarnie...

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