21 August 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Another day of glorious sunshine with temperatures pushing into the nineties. After a spot of dog walking through the vines, we caught up with some work before friends of mum’s popped over to say hello and to meet the hounds. As usual Monty was a great big wuss, barking madly until he realised there was no danger and then slowly creeping towards where the action was in the hope of cadging a gravy bone. They’ve been flat out for the rest of the day, having spent most of their energy first thing this morning in letting the assorted neighbours’ dogs know who’s who around here. Ranger has been in particularly fine voice with a penchant for hurtling through the bushes and up to the chain link fence to give next door’s shaggy black pooch a right earful. The poor little lamb’s totally innocent and I can only imagine what les voisins are saying right now. I think Susie and co started off as beaux, but are now probably being lambasted as a right bloody nuisance. No doubt the flags will go out when we leave on Saturday...

One thing that has been absolutely magical here and that I will be sad to leave behind is the absolute emptiness of the place. We have the hills to ourselves and the roads are ridiculously empty. It seems from the blogs that the cut is experiencing its usual summer holiday crush and to be honest, I’m not too sad to be having a leave of absence over this busy period. Still looking forward to getting back on board in September though...I blame Indigo Dream for my growing yearning for an on board espresso machine...which means a bigger inverter...which could mean another battery....which could mean an enlarged battery compartment...which could mean a reconfiguration of the engine hole...which, oh, never mind, I’ll stick with the ruddy cafetiere.

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