02 August 2008

Voice of Sanity

I’m only going to say this once, a la Michelle out of Allo Allo. Everything I’ve said previously about my unapologetic hanging of stern ropes from tiller pins? Forget it. I think I’m going to coil it loosely but neatly round the dollies from now on. And why this unashamed volte face? It’s because my vicarious cruising rock and fave blogger, the sage-like Bruce of Sanity, has provided an eminently sensible reason to relocate the offending article that has nothing to do with flouting tradition or ropes fouling props or flying tiller pins – it’s simply that my lovely brass greyhound would be shown off to much better effect without being cunningly disguised as a pile of black nylon. It’s so sensible and logical that I’m completely stumped for a punchline.

Nope, still can't think of one.

Make your own up. I'm off to bed.


Brian H said...

Better still, coil it up and lay it on the slid so you don't trip on it or kick it in the cut.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Nice to hear from you, Brian. The thing is, is that in the past, we've had the rope in every conceivable place to see what worked best. On balance, we like it in the 'ready to pick up and go' position, hence its long-term dangling round the pin! And, I have to confess, the rope is tied to the dolly and not looped over, so I think my compromise of a loose but neat coiling round the dollies will have to suffice for the moment. I will be closely observing everyone else now to see what they do!