08 August 2008

There will be trouble ahead, no maybe about it

As a rule, A doesn’t do things behind my back. Sensible lad. So imagine my horror when last night I saw him cleaning the innards of a keyboard that I didn’t recognise. He’s only gone and bought another one without my per! So now we have a Roland, a Korg and a Yamaha cluttering up the place. The whole point of clearing out our back room cum office recently was to make it into an agreeable living space. Remove the crap, put a new floor down, get some nice sofas in there, lovely – a perfect retreat from the dogs/telly/dining/workshop space. We’d brokered a deal that said he could have one corner for his music but he had to keep it tidy – how is he going to keep three keyboards, a mixing desk, an amp and a computer tidy? How is he even going to keep it in one corner? Will I really want to sit in there with him thumping the keys, twiddling his knobs and humming to himself with his headphones on? More to the point, how are we ever going to successfully transition onto a boat? Forget the stretch, has anyone got a Humber keel going spare?

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