08 August 2008

David and Goliath

Wow, hats off to David Scowcroft! You’ll be familiar with David from his wife Brenda’s Mr David blog but have you stumbled upon his own Canal Travels blog? Only four entries so far but everyone a Goliath of a post, a come-with-me-as-we-go style cruising guide to various canals, including the Rochdale and Kennet and Avon. I clocked his Llangollen effort at 6772 words! Every lock, every landmark is detailed and opined upon and if it had photos it would be the next best thing to doing it yourself. I’m aware that Mr David has now left the fleshpots of Birmingham so I’m hopeful that more cruising will mean more Canal Travel blogging. But how on earth does he remember everything? I can barely recall the previous night’s mooring, let alone which paddle on which lock wasn’t working. And what canal are we on anyway?

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